Hey you!

I've got the deal of a lifetime for you. I will give you cold, hard cash for YOUR useless uranium Isotope 235.
Yeah! you heard me right, cash in hand for isotope in pocket. This is not a joke!
We all have weapons-grade uranium sitting on a shelf, taking up valuble knicknack space; space where you could put that snowglobe you got as a gift that you hate but you are too stubborn to throw away. I mean, really? NYC 2016? You've never even been to New York! You could wait out U235's 703.8 million year half life, but you need that space now!

Here's the deal

You send me an email containing the following:

I (your name here) swear under oath that I am not part of any governmental third party, including the IRS,The CIA, FBI, OSI, ATF, USSR, Army/Marines/Navy/Air Force/Psyco-int branches of the US military, NATO or any other worldwide regulatory body. That I am not acting under one of the aforementioned governmental bodies in any form of 'sting' operation against any other party involved, and that once the nuclear materials leave my possesion I waive all rights regarding to knowledge of their intent/usage and ability to take court action in the case of percived 'mis-use'.
Signed by __________

What next?

Then, a mere 5-8 working days later I will send you a pre-paid lead-lined box to put your useless thermonuclear weapons-grade uranium into.
After that, all you have to do is sit back, enjoy the newfound space, and wait for the check to hit the bank/wallet/dead drop.

Its that easy!

If this at all applies to you email me at: cash4uranium235@gmail.com
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